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TENCEL™ introduces performance fabric with 100% cellulose fibers-1

Sept 22,2022

Lenzing has collaborated with FLOCUS™, Marchi&Fildi, Studio MLR, and PYRATEX® on a new sustainable fabric design, which can be used as a unique and sustainable alternative for functional wear.

The double-layer construction consists of a blend of TENCEL™ branded modal fibers with Eco Color technology and kapok fibers on the inside and 100% TENCEL™ Modal fibers on the outside. This natural duo complements each other perfectly. While the hollow kapok fibers have hydrophobic properties due to their natural wax film, the hydrophilic TENCEL™ Modal fibers with Eco Color technology do not require subsequent dyeing and are therefore an extremely resource-saving technology for embedding color pigments during fiber production, with significant life cycle savings of water and energy from cradle to finished fabric. In a harmonic interaction, TENCEL™ Modal fibers wick the moisture to the outer layer, distribute it, and hence contribute to a better drying performance.

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