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TENCEL™ opens new doors in sustainable fiber application(3)

Jan 9,2023

Within the lingerie, swimwear & activewear categories, where a natural ethos guides the segments’ close attention to fabric ingredients, the TENCEL™ brand teamed up with fashion trend forecasters to introduce a Lyocell Standard capsule collection, designed to perpetuate the circular loop, with timeless garments made for long lastingness. Inspired by its mill partners around the world, Lenzing also ventured into fashion prints for the first time, introducing a sustainable alternative to the synthetic or cotton prints commonly used in everyday wear in its blended fabrics collection.

As it celebrates its 30th anniversary, the TENCEL™ brand looks to 2023 and beyond, eyeing up new opportunities to broaden applications of TENCEL™ fibers across a range of apparel and textile product segments. In particular, with the holiday season approaching, there is a focus on catering to autumnal and formalwear. Lenzing has charted an ambitious journey towards achieving net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050 and doing so will require continuous efforts with like-minded industry stakeholders. Building on the momentum the TENCEL™ brand has achieved through collaborations with trailblazers in performance apparel such as Timberland and Adidas, will continue to be a way forward to reaching this target and can be attained without compromising on design and comfort.

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