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Feels So Right: TENCEL

August 13, 2019

Feels so right: TENCEL

TENCEL is Lenzing's flagship brand for textiles. Used for a variety of highly specialized applications, the benefits of TENCEL fibers can be discerned instantly: Soft to the skin, smooth to the touch, luxurious in shine and flow—they caress the senses. And convince minds with their exceptional capacity for thermal regulation and moisture absorption.

  • Naturally smooth

It’s easy to identify TENCEL fibers: You just need to discern their exceptional, naturally soft, and smooth feel. With our Eco Soft technology, fabrics create a pleasant, almost soothing cool feeling on the skin contributed by the special attributes of TENCEL fibers.

  • Breathe freely with TENCEL

One of the most outstanding qualities of TENCEL fibers is the ability to enhance breathability. The smooth fiber surface absorbs and releases moisture efficiently therefore supports the body’s natural thermal regulation.

  • Show your true colors with TENCEL

Impressively vibrant colors that don’t fade over time: That’s a piece of cake with TENCEL fibers. The smooth surface of TENCEL Lyocell fibers allows color dyes to penetrate deeply into the fiber structure, resulting in impressive color brilliance. The possibility to dye our TENCEL Modal fibers during the fiber production process means garments and bedding set made by these fibers are less prone to fade, even after repeated washing.

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