About us

Sndon is a professional home textile company which is dealing design, development ,production , Export Bedding products sales and service Customers.
Sndon provides customers with quality home products and quality purchasing and quality inspection services.
Sndon has a high-quality, high-tech design and development team in Japan. The main research and development of high-quality innovative home textile products.
Sndon welcomes all the customers to participate in product customization innovation and make a common development.
Sndon not only Built its factory in china , also built in Asian countries,  which mainly produce spring mattresses, bedsheets, pillow, comforter and so on relate Daily-Use  household products. Please pay attention to our development.Sndon uses his pure and sincere heart to create a good sleep life for the people.



Contact: Dandy Huang

Phone: +86 18978876625

Tel: +86 18978876625

Email: sd@sndon.com

Add: Jinyuan Road, Banqiao Industrial Area, Nancun Town, Panyu District,Guangzhou

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