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TENCEL™ introduces performance fabric with 100% cellulose fibers-2

Sept 28,2022

Drying performance is an especially useful feature in active sportswear such as outdoor and sports lifestyle, including T-shirts, shirts, sweaters and even the upper part of shoes. The TENCEL™ brand’s latest fiber collaboration creates a 100% cellulose mono-material with exceptional moisture management properties, perfectly designed for these types of products.

In addition, the combination of using kapok fibers and TENCEL™ Modal fibers with Eco Color technology adds a good-looking appearance and a great touch to the fabric. As both fibers originate from nature and do not need subsequent treatments, they can be easily biodegraded at the end of life. The pioneering fabric gained “100% Jury Like” recognition at the Performance Days and was a finalist in the ‘Game Changers’ category at the Danish Design Award 2021. As it sets new standards in the field of biodegradable performance materials, this was the first time a fabric has been recognized for its function and innovation at the Danish Design Awards.

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