Tencel Bedding Set

  • Tencel Lyocell Bedding Set
Tencel Lyocell Bedding Set

Tencel Lyocell Bedding Set

  • Fabric:100%Regenerated Cellulose Fabric
  • Weight :3.5-3.8 Kg/Set
  • Brand Name: SNDON
  • Carton Package Size :40x55x85cm
  • Product description: Natural and Healthy, Tough and Abrasively resistant, Hygroscopicity (Moisture absorbability) and Breathability, Soft and Smooth, Antibacterial and Hygienic, Silk-like Drape

100% Tencel Lyocell Printed Fabric Bedding Set Duvet Cover Set

Tencel lyocell fiber, known for its natural comfort and environmental protection of the closed production process, represents the quality and function, widely used. Tencel lyocell fiber has unique physical properties, high strength, excellent moisture management, soft and skin-friendly.

High-end bed products are made of Tencel lyocell fiber, which feel fine and smooth as silk, with luxurious natural luster, gently care for every inch of skin, improve the quality of sleep.


Contact: Dandy Huang

Phone: +86 18978876625

Tel: +86 18978876625

Email: sd@sndon.com

Add: Jinyuan Road, Banqiao Industrial Area, Nancun Town, Panyu District,Guangzhou

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