• Stylish Home Decor Pillow
Stylish Home Decor Pillow

Stylish Home Decor Pillow

  • Fabric:100% Cotton Canvas
  • Filling: Environmental Friendly PP Cotton
  • Brand Name: SNDON
  • Specification:45*45 cm
  • Product description: 3D Towel Embroidered Pillow, household decorative pillow, Stylish Pillow, Beautiful Pillow, Sndon, High practicability

Beautiful Embroidery Throw Pillow Home Decor Cushion

Pillow adopts 3 d towel embroidery special processing. The pattern embroidered by towel embroidery has a strong sense of three-dimensional, which makes the pillow surface pattern three-dimensional and natural, and makes the patterns with many colors. The pillow core is made of abrasive fabric and filled with environment-friendly pp cotton.


Contact: Dandy Huang

Phone: +86 18978876625

Tel: +86 18978876625

Email: sd@sndon.com

Add: Jinyuan Road, Banqiao Industrial Area, Nancun Town, Panyu District,Guangzhou

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