Gel Cushion and Mattress

  • GEL Mattress
  • GEL Mattress
  • GEL Mattress
GEL MattressGEL MattressGEL Mattress

GEL Mattress

  • Material:GEL
  • Single Bed Weight: 90*200*1.5 cm 8 kg 120*200*1.5 cm 9 kg
  • Brand Name: SNDON
  • Double Bed Weight: 150*200*1.5 cm 11.5 kg 180*200*1.5 cm 16.5 kg
  • Product description: Fresh and Soft, Comfortable and Breathable, Thermostatic, Waterproof and Antibacterial

GEL Mattress

The GEL used by our company is originally imported from Europe. GEL quickly distributes heat and keeps it dry. GEL is effective at blocking bacteria and protecting the respiratory tract. GEL keeps the temperature constant, and make you feel soft and comfortable.



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