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Sustainability Feels So Good

August 27, 2019

Lenzing’s fibers are made from natural wood. They are botanic products derived from renewable sources and processed with unique resource-conserving technologies. This is how we take responsibility for our planet’s future.

One of humanity’s essential needs is a healthy environment to live in. We may rightfully claim that our commitment to this principle came earlier than others’. In a time when sustainability was a concept rarely mentioned, let alone applied, Lenzing had already focused on eco-consciousness, favoring sustainable and resource-preserving production technologies. Our birthplace and geographic location was not without impact on this conduct: Lenzing is located in one of Europe’s loveliest landscapes, the “Salzkammergut”. Our site lies in close proximity to a scenic lake with a level of water purity that regularly gets certified as drinking quality.

It is this special quality of our “Lenzing Spirit” - shaped by entrepreneurial thinking, responsibility and vision - that always leveraged our competitive advantage. Take the most recent example: our biorefinery. The biorefinery concept ensures that 100 percent of wood components are used to produce pulp for our botanic fibers, biorefinery products, and bioenergy, thus remaining as CO2 neutral as possible.

What distinguishes our sustainability ideas and concepts is their all-embracing benefit: They maximize value creation from both the environmental and the economic perspective. This universal approach is the future of our industry.

And Lenzing is already living this future.

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